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"Bella Novela is an extremely fucking good hard rock band from Long Beach, California. “Hard rock” as a descriptor can maybe come off as a bit namby pamby, but with a healthy mix of Linda Ronstadt and Queens of the Stone Age coursing through their veins, Bella Novela don’t really have to worry too much about what terms might get attached to them."

- Noisey, Vice Magazine


"Long Beach, CA rock trio Bella Novela is one of those bands that is able to pull off the tricky task of sounding like classic rock without merely imitating the genre’s tropes." - Pop Matters


"Long Beach, CA's Bella Novela say they love both Iron Maiden and Abba "with equal levels of intensity," and it sounds like they probably love Heart and maybe Thin Lizzy too. Bella Novela take the sounds of '70s/'80s stadium rock and make them sound modern without really changing them much at all." - Brooklyn Vegan


"The sound is pure classic rock--think if Gwen Stefani fronted Blue Oyster Cult. Stuff that Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar would dig. They toe the line of being too technical to be cool, but who gives a fuck about being cool when you can play like that?" - OC Weekly

"High-drama high-energy rock from a band whose fervent hope is to outnova the Mexican daytime soaps: 'The bigger, the sadder and the more overdramatic the better,' singer Jackie says." - The District Weekly

"LONG BEACH TRIO BELLA NOVELA ARE READY TO BLOW UP:  Drawing on such epic performers as Queen and Iron Maiden, this trio are on a mission to make music that’s as big as it is explosive, all done with cinematic flair." - OC Weekly 

"For at least the last six years, Bella Novela has been the Long Beach band that should be blowing up. It's bizarre that even sound-saturated Los Angeles hasn't yet fallen for the three-piece's Metallica-meets-Queen aesthetic of indie-pop songs played with ferocious technical urgency" - Long Beach Post


"If you haven't had a chance to check out the power trio with prog-rock leanings, (also known as Bella Novela), it's time to get cracking. Impassioned vocals, uber guitar riffage and some gnarly drumming await." - OC Weekly


“We don't like keeping mum when Long Beach cinema trio Bella Novela play around town. If you haven't seen them, do yourself a favor and open your heart, mind and, above all, ears to these scarily talented rockers and their high-energy live show. They specialize in indie-metal anthems with cinematic flair." - Brandon Ferguson, OC Weekly


Bella Novela has made a name for themselves in the eclectic music scene of Long Beach, California with their flamboyant, passionate, and unforgettable live shows.  They were voted by readers of LA Weekly as one of the ten best live bands in Los Angeles and named by the OC Weekly as one of the five most underrated bands in Orange County.  




A musical call to arms to incinerate the patriarchy.


"Long Beach-based Bella Novela are a trio that blend melodic metal with ’70s & ’80s rock, spearheaded by singer Jackie Laws’ powerful voice. Their songs are well-crafted blasts of drums (Jannea McClure), riffs and harmonizing guitar solos (Jacob Heath) that lay bare their Iron Maiden influence. That said, the tracks on their new album Incinerateare also tuneful and sometimes even catchy, such as the upbeat “Tides” and the pretty “Loved Ones”—a highlight for sure. The second half of the record is perhaps the strongest, with “Haunted’s” strong dynamic changes and impeccable solos, and the touches of Thin Lizzy on the otherwise ominous “Faster Than Lightning.” But opening track “The Reckoning” is dramatic and sets the tone for the album, and “Darkest Hour” offers a mystical, slow-burning intro and atmosphere that calls to mind Heart." - The Los Angeles Beat

"Bella Novela is an extremely fucking good hard rock band from Long Beach, California. “Hard rock” as a descriptor can maybe come off as a bit namby pamby, but with a healthy mix of Linda Ronstadt and Queens of the Stone Age coursing through their veins, Bella Novela don’t really have to worry too much about what terms might get attached to them. The band’s 2014 album, Telemetry, (their third) is a concept album about the beyond-popular Mexican soap opera, Cuna de Lobos. Telemetry works both as complete album in the “remember when people bought whole records” vein and as a collection of smoking in the bathroom/backseat singles. Writing songs that can serve as the soundtrack to both a long drive or a short fuck is not an easy feat for a band, either in the 70s or post-2010.  All in all, the record is a very fine kicking-at-the-pricks-while-wearing-its-heart-on-its-sleeve shebang."

 - Noisey - Vice Magazine


"At first, Bella Novela might sound more like an L.A. than Long Beach band, what with its arena-ready riffs, dramatic Queen-loving vocals and galloping beats played by a pretty girl who is usually wearing something with sequins.  But one listen to Telemetry, the band's first album in three years, where an ingenious combination of pop, punk, metal, rock and even Spanish classical guitar are all on display, it's easier to understand how these diverse influences could only coalesced in diverse-as-hell LBC.  Bella Novela has always been known for taking the basic power rock recipes followed by other female-fronted bands like Heart and making them their own, and on Telemetry they are even more comfortable with their own brand of it.  The album's cover shouts out to Thin Lizzy, the first song channels what Gwen Stefani would sound like if she fronted Dragonforce, and everyone from Iron Maiden to the Motels are referenced in the other eight tightly packaged three-minute tracks ("Lenora" is an 80s power ballad transported to Baja).  The songs are decidedly new but entirely familiar, making Telemetry--even without a zombie apocalypse narrative present in 2011's The Archeress--an easy album to listen to and an even easier album to love."

 - Sarah Bennett, LA Record

"We'd love to tell you all about the plot twists contained in Long Beach band Bella Novela's album, the Archeress--but our words will definitely fail us. Let it be said, it's fucking ambitious. Building on the classic rock elements laid down in the band's last album Battlelines, their latest effort features bigger vocal arrangements and a mind-bending narrative involving a zombie apocalypse, drifters, vampires and archery. But the core Bella Novela sound is there with arena sized, '70s-inspired guitar work courtesy of Jacob, vicious skin-splitting percussion from Jannea, and Jackie's PA-shattering bellow. The title track presents an operatic climax brimming with unabashed rock pastiche that's both charming and chill-inducing."

 - Brandon Ferguson,  OC WEEKLY


“[Bella Novela's] The Archeress has, in a matter of days, become one of my favorite albums ever, among the likes of Appetite for Destruction by Guns N Roses, Lungs by Florence and the Machine, and Piece of Mind by Iron Maiden. THAT’S saying something.”

 - Chantel Donnan - OC Music Magazine


Darkest Hour - Dir: Bella Novela



Loved Ones - Dir: Ivan Ehlers

Telemetry - Dir: Ivan Ehlers
Archeress - Dir: Ivan Ehlers

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